A Maid in Bedlam (drowned_ophelia) wrote in theivorykey,
A Maid in Bedlam

Things to consider for CC


Just a reminder: character creation is this Sunday! It'd be fabulous if everybody could be there by 7 p.m, so we could have a quick run-down of stuff everyone needs to know before we hammer out individual characters.

So, 7 pm at the Collinsville Jaycee's building, yes?


I also ask that you BYOB, and as every good gamer knows, that's Bring Your Own Book. We have a few, but if you have your own Wraith core book (or anything else you feel you may need), it'd be lovely if you brought it along. More books = more people looking at them = faster character creation time!

Of course, there will be no game this session, so you needn't bring costume/props/etc. However, the first game is scheduled to take place on October 17th. If you don't have a character background for character creation, don't worry: we can make your character without a written background, but we would really be thrilled if you had one for us by/at the first game. If you aren't into the whole novella-size-character-background thing, an outline would be fine, along with an explaination for anything that we might ask you about your character.

Remember, this is a game for the players! We don't want to see anyone "left out" because we frankly don't have as much to work with for their character as someone else. Don't worry about playing something "amazing" or an "exception to the rule". Wraith is all about the Average Joe who just can't let go for some reason or another.

Okay! I think that's all for me. Back to your regularly scheduled livejournal.
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