Mr. Ferret (neodweezal) wrote in theivorykey,
Mr. Ferret

The Impersonal First Post

Hello, and welcome the "The Ivory Key" Community.
This is the community journal dedicated to the players
of the SCrEW (St. Louis, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Wood River) Area
Wraith Chronicle. The name of our Chronicle is Wraith: The Ivory Key.

This community exists for a few reasons-

- An easy way to check up on current events
Fast answers to your questions
- Announcements
- Et Cetera

A Quick F.A.Q

Q: Why LJ?
A: Most of the gaming community uses it, if they are alreaday checking thier friends list, what could be more convenient than posting game stuff right there?

Q: Where/When is the game at?
A: Games are scheduled for the third sunday of every month at the collinsville Jaycees hall.

Q: What about character creation?
A: September 19th at the Jaycees hall is the current plan.

Q: I don't know much about Wraith!
A: That's not really a question, but some good info can be found here. Also, feel free to ask a staff member anything. 

Current staff members are as follows:

Brad K.- bradzerker
Matt S.- neodweezal
Heidi W.- drowned_ophelia
Jenny E.- xell

That's all for now. Updates will be made every Monday, and more frequently if needed.
Please pass word along to interested players so that they can recieve announcements as they are made readily accessable.

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